Thank you, Ms. Cookie Fairy - you definitely made a rough day much, much better.

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  1. Cory(girl in the cat hat!)
    Cory(girl in the cat hat!)

    Thanks for showing up at fanime! I truly enjoyed everyones presentation and did learn a bit from it. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that I misread the panel and interpreted it as more of an “animation” presentation. But after hearing more about web comics and what you do, I have to admit that my boyfriend and I are genuinely more interested in this area :D
    Thanks again!
    -your friend in the cat hat

  2. Aleric

    Thanks for coming! Next year, we’ll try to get a better time slot, so that there will be a better audience.
    I’m given to understand that 15 people at 10am at Fanime is a fantastic turnout, lol.

  3. Alex (the cookie fairy)
    Alex (the cookie fairy)

    hahaha omg you actually made me into the cookie fairy, all my friends think thats awesome! if you are at fanime next year i will be sure to give you some more cookies.

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