After Wondercon 2011

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  1. Antdevamp

    As we were getting the Zombie pic for my friend from you at Wondercon, some hoes passed by and cursed our blocking the aisle…I think you had other friends visiting at the time…and said something about ‘nothing illustration drawn by chicken scratch’.

    I said nothing, because your future success will search and destroy her ego better than I ever could. Will she be sucking up to you in the next four years to look good to her hipster douche friends? Odds are good.

  2. Aleric

    Haha! You know, everyone has their own thing they like… some of the art I saw at Wondercon made me want to cry in horror. Could be worse though – I could cry in horror every time I see my own stuff.

    Thanks for visiting! And I hope you enjoy the zombie portrait!

  3. lord siwoc
    lord siwoc

    How I would wish I had been there mate! But sounds like a success!!

  4. Aleric

    It was definitely a success. Would have been great to shake your hand, too!

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