After Fanime 2011

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  1. lord siwoc
    lord siwoc

    Looking forward to it! Now sleep tight…..never mind what George has been up to while you were away…………

  2. Ann

    :D heeeeyyyy its me Ann from Fanime! That one chick who just HAD to pay with a card so we had a mini adventure running to and from your table xD

    Anywho, I’m checking this out for the first time :3 And I got to say, I like it already!

  3. Elaira

    You know.. when I was showing my friend HHFM after the con I started rereading the whole thing with them from the beginning and man did I need the refresh. At Fanime (I was the redhead at your booth and the dA meetup) you asked who I’d want to be stuck on an island with and I said, “None of them.” You said you’d want to be with George and I quickly agreed. After rereading I kept thinking, “ARE YOU CRAZY??” George would probably kill you both before actually getting you off the island. Not on purpose of course.. but.. *twitch* Machines of death.. *cower*

    Anyways I said I’d start commenting and here I am. Can’t wait to see the next in the “Fairy Series.” =p

  4. Mr Nelsan
    Mr Nelsan

    Looking up pictures all night is really… time consuming.

    Hey, Scott! I sort of just got over with that post-anime-on-syndrome after Fanime, but I finally got the energy to comment something. It was awesome meeting you, and I was the guy that asked you for a commission of the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 in zombie form (hung it and loving it). I sort of did the same thing that James did… but I read your comic all day instead of looking at pictures and videos.

  5. Aleric

    I’m glad you love the drawing! It was a blast to draw it for you. I’ve got some other stuff before that big picture, but I’m really looking forward to doing that zombie pic I was telling you about.

  6. Aleric

    Well, with George, it’s going to be spectacularly successful or it’d be a spectacularly quick ending. Either way, it’d be spectacular… which gives me an idea for a comic… :D

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