Cake Fairy

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  1. Ann

    This made me slap my knee and laugh xD

  2. Mr Nelsan
    Mr Nelsan

    What I find funny is the irony that the cake fairy looks muscular and has short hair at the same time with cake.

  3. Scott Aleric

    I’m glad you two like it! Remember to share with your friends!

  4. That One Ocarina Chick From Fanime!
    That One Ocarina Chick From Fanime!


    Nah, it’s funny! But I did say that I would say that so ha!

    I am definitely going to keep reading! :D

  5. Aleric

    LOL! You’re the first to tell me it sucks! You win my undying gratitude!

  6. Ben Cheek
    Ben Cheek

    Hurray for the cake fairy!

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