George’s Trip 2

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  1. Eirik

    A rare criticism (from me) on the art: Is this a square-billed duck? With the lack of inner mouth detail (for which I don’t blame you), the only cues I have are the outline around the beak. And the lower beak has apparent corners you could build with…

    I hesitate to criticize art because I don’t believe I can clearly state what should be done to correct a flaw. But here, the duck kinda pulled me out of the disbelief. And I still can’t point to what would work better. :(

  2. Aleric


    Thanks for the comment! It’s actually supposed to be a goose – it’s the coloring and his friend in the corner that’s supposed to help with the identification, that, and the “honk honk” :)
    As for hesitating to comment? No worries, as an artist, I’ve had much worse criticism, and not even a thought is put toward how to improve it.

    What I might be able to do is spend more time sketching geese until I start to understand their form and then redraw it. The problem, as always, is time.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment! It’s always appreciated!

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