Harry Potter 3

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  1. Elaira

    You haven’t read the books yet? You’re not invited to any of my Victorian Tea Party’s until you’ve at least started the first one! Now you have incentive. MWUHAHAHAHAAA.

    Fore real. Victorian Tea Party. Dress all shwanky, preferably in Victorian Attire but not everyone has that. So just shwanky is fine. Then we drink tea. Expensive, various kinds of tea. Oh and there is munchies and nerds to talk to. You should come.

  2. lord siwoc
    lord siwoc

    He would have better success in invading Botswana…

    I have not read the books either, and guess what? NOT GOING TO! Will I be struck down by a magic bolt?

  3. Aleric

    Awww. That sounds like fun tho.. Guess I’m going to have to get started soon!

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