WarriorKing 22

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  1. Eric Roesch
    Eric Roesch

    Did that portrait say Rossi? Like maybe a Rossi we know?

  2. Narric

    I thought a few updates had appeared out of nowhere XD

    Glad you’re back :D

  3. Aleric

    Glad to be back. I’m sorry that it took so long :( – I just couldn’t trust my computer to do the work I needed it to do and I’ve been working through lunches at the day job for… a while now… :)

    But we’re back on track, and I’m going to be working to rebuild my buffer fo’ realz.

    Yeah, you noticed that, too? that’s good – I was beginning to think I was going loopy :)

  4. lord siwoc
    lord siwoc

    Phillip Rossi….Never thought of him as Phillip…..

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